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Student Support


Working hours of the institution

The college functions from Monday through Friday. The working time of the college is from 9.00am to 4.30p.m. with a lunch break from 12.50p.m. to 1.45p.m.

The working day is divided into two sessions with seven periods (4+3) in total.

College Office

The college office will function from Monday to Saturday except Second Saturday and other public holidays.

The working time of the college office is from 9.00am to 4.00pm.


Uniforms for students are compulsory. The uniforms will be a combination of golden yellow shirt inserted with black pants. Girls students are permitted to wear black churidhar with golden yellow top.


The student registration in the polytechnic is taken for granted as the expression of willingness to abide all the rules and regulations prevailing in the polytechnic. Every student therefore is committed to the observation of following rules.
This rules are set forth for the effective pursuit of studies to help the students attain the level of quality of work required of them and to ensure proper functioning of this institution.


Students should bring scientific calculator, necessary books, tables, drawing instruments etc. to the class. Borrowing the instruments especially during the examinations will not be permitted.
At the first bell before each session students should be inside their classes.
Students should be attentive by standing up in respect to welcome the teacher as he/she enters the classroom each time.
When the teacher does not arrive in the class, the class representative must inform the H.O.D.
During the absence of the teacher as well as the teacher while moving from one class to another, care should be taken to observe silence occupying their respective seats by the students.
After the commencement of the lecture no student is allowed to enter or to go out of the classroom without the express permission of the teacher- in-charge.
Students should attend all classes without fail. In case leave for absence is required under unavoidable situation, permission from the class teacher should be sought by submitting application for leave showing the reason with the permission of parent.
A student who could not attend the class due to any reason should update the class notes before attending the class after the absence.
No students from outside will be allowed to disturb the class in progress by trying to contact or communicate with a student attending in the classroom.
Students should be prepared well for the class test which will be conducted on completion of each unit and will be served as a basis for awarding sessional marks of 40%.
The assignment, of each unit should be worked out independently written neatly, legibly and submitted on dates specified, which will also serve as a basis for awarding sessional marks of 40%.
Students move silently when proceeding from one class to another so as not to disturb other classes that are going on.
Students, who are taking their lunch in the classroom are to see that, the floors, window sills and desks used for the purpose are kept clean of food crumbs.
Students should not scribble or in any way deface the walls, floors, desks, drawing boards, toilets etc.
They must take extreme care to see that cleanliness is maintained in the entire campus.
Under no circumstances, students, staff or outsiders are permitted to enter the classroom while classes are going on, without permission of the staff member concerned.


Students, inside college campus should wear full uniform with identity card. All boys should insert their shirt, and girls should wear their overcoat for practical classes. Ornaments are not allowed in practical classes.

Students are asked to enter their classes in time. No one is allowed to roam around during class hours. Students those loose their identity card, are advised to report it to the head of sections or principal.
College gate will be close at 9.00am. Late coming students should write their name in the register at watchman’s cabin, and only with the permission of concerned teacher they are allowed to enter the classes. After 9.10 am students are not allowed to enter classes without the permission of principal.
During class time students are not allowed to go out.
Every one should enter their name in the register for each entry & exit except during interval.
All students should interact with their group tutors and should obey the directions of their group tutors.
All students should leave the campus immediately after their classes.

Students should not sit on the window sill.
Students are not allowed to use mobile phones in the campus. Mobile phone with camera is strictly prohibited in the college campus. Breaching this rule will cause fine.
Students are not allowed to organise or attend any meeting in the institution, distributing notice or receipt and collecting money for any purpose, without getting the prior permission of the principal. No outsider maybe invited to preside over, address or otherwise take part in a meeting or gathering in the polytechnic, without the principal’s prior approval.
Board, flags, banners or any other articles meant for political activity can not be brought to the campus or be kept in the campus
The students should not indulge in any political activities inside campus or persuade others to such activities.
Students should not either smoke or be under the influence of alcohol/drugs inside the campus. It is herby notified to the knowledge of all students that all sort of political activities and activities of students union which have affinities or patronages of political parties are hereby banned in the campus. The decision of the principal as to whether any students union has any affinity or patronage of political parties shall be final.
No students shall possess or use any kind of intoxicant, narcotic or psychotropic substance. Any student who is found having or using any such substances in the classroom or campus will be suspended and removed from the rolls, after necessary enquiry.
Students should not indulge in any sort of ragging or harassment.
The cost of damage caused to any of the properties of the institution will be recovered with fine from the particular student/students concerned.
Students should take note of notices exhibited in the notice board and act accordingly.
Study tours by the students approved by the principal with the consent of H.O.D. and class teacher should not be commenced without at least a member of teaching staff accompanies them.
Students should not spend time in canteen/library when his/her classes are running.
Chewing bubble gum is prohibited in the classroom and campus.
Celebrations of any kind without the permission of the principal are prohibited in the campus.


A student who absents himself from class during any one period of the day shall lose the full attendance of that particular session.
Students coming late to class will lose half a day’s attendance. The teacher at his discretion may admit students who come late.
Attendance in the individual periods shall be counted by the concerned staff for awarding internal evaluation marks.
Permission granted to a student for on-duty leave by the concerned staff-in-charge shall be intimated to the class teacher by the students and the same written permission sanctioned by the principal shall also be submitted to the class teacher within 10 working days.
On –duty leave will not be counted as attendance for internal evaluation.
The marks obtained in each subject and the particulars of attendance of students shall be put on the notice-board from time to time and any complaints regarding them should be brought to the notice of the class teacher immediately.
Students shall be removed from rolls on continuous absence for 15 working days.


Working hours : 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.(Monday to Saturday).

The Polytechnic library is a learning resource centre with a large number of reference books in different disciplines. Magazines, Journals, Periodicals and Newspapers are also subscribed to and available for reference.


* All staff and students of the college are members of the library.

* Strict silence must be observed in the library and its premises at all time.

* Students enter the library with valid user ID cards.

* Users are requested to keep their belongings or bags on the personal belonging shelves.

* Books will be issued against Readers Ticket.

* Readers Tickets are non-transferable.

* Students are not allowed to transfer the book from one to another.

* Books borrowed from the library must be returned on or before the due date.

* Due date is marked on the date label inside the book.

* Users are requested to verify the physical condition of the books before borrowing.

* Books will be renewed if there is no reservation.

* Reference books and journals shall not be issued to outside the library.

* Users are expected to be co-operative in keeping the library neat tidy and in order.

* Students shall handle books,periodicals,and newspapers with atmost care and keep them in proper places.

* Students are required to return their library books and Readers Tickets to the library five days before proceeding to collect the Hall Tickect.

* Students are not allowed to use the library on strike days.

* A written permission form principal/HOD/Class teacher is essential to use the library during running of class.